Play Hard Agency
We are a small design agency with a long work experience and a big desire to improve lives of people with our design. We believe that design is not just a composition of visualized materials. For us, design is a tool which resolves certain business matters allowing this business to achieve its set goals, increasing its profit as well. In our every project we work hard to top ourselves and attain a maximum result with our product.

Thanks to our big experience in some of the most major Russian companies, we decided to start our own agency in order to integrate our best skills and share our useful knowledge.


For our clients we utilize all the advantages of our small scale: full work speed, lack of red tape, accessible price range for projects.


Design is not art. By means of design certain problems get solved, even when the goal is to create something beautiful. During the work process we try to get our ideas across to our customers, sometimes insisting on our view points, looking for compromise at the same time.

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