We created an online shop for the biggest community of bodybuilding and power lifting in Russia. Every day the web-site is visited by thousands of users, and the web group «vkontakte» has about a million of subscribers. We were given a task to make the most user-friendly and thorough design among all online shops for sports nutrition. Having analyzed the best Russian and foreign examples, we re-analyzed some of the interface elements, making it highly simple and clear. The clients work with a single base «1С», and besides, the web-site shows certain products depending on their city location. Some products can be bought in the shop, and some only online. The customer has a very big assortment, and that is why the most important page is considered the product’s card which may have a huge number of modifications for the same product. Most of our attention we paid to this particular page. Identity is built on the corporate colors and dynamic font of the brand. Design does not include illustrations and decorative elements, and the emphasis is made on production and easiness of finding and purchasing products.

Design Front-end

Responsive design
We take into account the global and Russia trends of the mobile internet. This is why we develop responsive web-sites for our customers. Thanks to such design users of any device, like ipad or smart phone, they can use the source not feeling any discomfort or difficulties while searching or buying products.
Mobile shop
The availability of responsive design rids you of necessity to develop separate apps for iOS and Android, which in its turn saves the budget by avoiding expenditures on services for different mobile operational systems. While working on the website, we stick to the 'mobile first' principle. It means we first develop a mobile interface, and then we develop the logic of the site's adaptation for other resolutions. Thanks to such approach we manage to create very convenient and well-thought mobile versions, after which we easily finish up the design for other types of resolution.
Interface elements
Each element and every detail in our design have meaning and affect the web-site's effectiveness. Such approach ensues from understanding design as a tool for solving tasks. On one hand design identifies the brand among its competitors, and on the other hand a thorough approach to details increases customers' loyalty, increases the time customers spend on the web-site.
Online brand guide
After the finish of design’s development our customer decided to give us a CSS task, which he is planning to use within the franchise promotion. We suggested making a separate web-site for CSS where any participant of the franchise can download all the necessary original files, learn about rules of using graphical elements; most importantly, it is impossible to lose original files. Our web-site with CSS is responsive, which allows for easy usability on any mobile device.