Antarn - a vertically integrated holding, part of «Rostehnologii» production group that carries out restoration and development of rare-earth industry in Russia. Together with the brand agency “Odinmay” we realized the project for “Antarn” holding. Our task was about creating a web-site and adapting CSS elements in a dynamic and interactive online environment.

Design Front-end Development

Grid layout
For this web-site we developed a system for working with a grid layout, thanks to which employers from Antarn can easily and quickly create new elements of navigation on pages, choosing sizes of info blocks. Such an option rids us of necessity to hire more specialists, which lowers the cost for maintaining the web-site and allows to develop it independently. One of the customer’s demands posited a disposal for a user-friendly content management system. We chose CMS Bitrix and customized it to our clients’ needs. As a result, a part of tasks, which were previously done by programmers, can now be done by anyone who, at least once in their life, saw a system of managing web-sites. Another reason for choosing this particular CMS was its popularity on the market; this is why many specialists can easily solve difficult programming tasks and fine-tune the web-site. Thus a customer can quickly find a required specialist without being worried about the web-site’s code being complicated.

В группу компаний АНТАРН входят
ведущие предприятия ГК Ростехнологии
ОАО «Спецмагнит» и «Скайград»