This next customer had quite a difficult problem: KDT Company builds houses of good quality, but their web-site causes them counter-productivity. Unacceptable design of the web-site, unclear and inconvenient navigation, and subpar quality of 3D houses models – those were the factors which drove their clients away. We analyzed the best Russian web-sites of real estate building companies, defined and described positive and effective design and navigation elements, and developed the web-site's structure. The primary goal of the site is to get users interested and to do everything in a way that will make them call and leave requests for consultation. For this sake we added enough information to the web-site which indirectly allows for boost of the customers’ interest, particularly for KDT Company’s production. Home card is made in a way that user right away sees all the necessary information; grid layout allows us to add design elements, which boost user’s involvement in learning about the company’s services.

Design Front-end Development