In our agency we developed an online shop of the biggest whole sale and retail seller of peptides and growth hormones for sportsmen who do high physical intensity sports. The new concept of the brand presentation was developed as well, around which the web-site’s design was build. This business never stood out among competitors before, and there was no difference between this particular customer and other shops. Having analyzed the market of competitors we concluded that none of online shops has any significant market positioning and identity. Growth hormones and peptides happen to be expensive and complicated products, and the most attention is paid to the reputation of the company when buying such products, especially when visiting their web-site. Since the main customers of such production are people who are involved in heavy sports, like bodybuilding and power lifting, we decided to position them as a modern pharmaceutical company that specializes in pharmacy for athletes. Having a new marketing concept we quickly came to a necessary style and identity. 

Design Front-end Development

Responsive design
Having looked at the system of customers’ statistics, we realized that about 30-40% of the visitors log on from their mobile phones. It is logical that with such a volume of mobile traffic it is important to have a responsive design of the web-site. Its design adapts to any device’s resolution, some blocks change their presentation style of the content, navigation elements and products also adapt to the device.