For this customer we created a name of the shop, made a logo and developed a web-site. One of the most important objectives of design is its identity among competitors, as well as the availability of the mobile version of the shop. Identity of the shop is built on bright colors, plain style and company illustrations.

Design Front-end Development

Responsive design
We are convinced that today almost every web-site and online shop should have mobile versions. In some segments mobile traffic accounts for about 30-40%, and that is why it is a reason enough to make a convenient search and purchase tools for customers. Availability of responsive design boosts audience’s loyalty, ranking of the web-site in search systems and affects the web-site’s conversion positively.
Mobile shop
Developing responsive design we start with projecting prototypes of mobile versions, and then we scale design for devices with big resolution. This way, mobile design will always be very convenient and clear, and there usually aren’t any problems in the development process of the web-site’s basic resolution.
Apart from functionality and usability, our projects stand out with their unique identity. For our customer we created some illustrations, thus making the web-site more lively and interesting for users. Illustrations are done in plain style while using corporate colors of the online shop.
Attention for details
Good interface design is made with meticulous attention for small details. It is important to use interface’s feedback, thus helping and explaining users which elements they can interact with and how these elements react to their actions.