Our agency developed CSS and a web-site for an internet marketing agency. Identity is built on colors and typographics developed by us. As an idea we used a metaphor about advancement – arrow. On one side an arrow pointing right and up means aspiration, moving forward, and on the other side it is a simple geometric shape thanks to which one can arrange stylishly looking messages, create simple and recognizable illustrations.

Design Front-end Development

Responsive design
The agency’s web-site is fully adaptive to all devices and screen sizes. Visualization of the feedback is built on a dynamic close-up of plates that repeat motion vector of the arrow. Apart from responsive design’s appropriateness for users, the additional advantage of such design is the boost of relevance and ranking in search systems. Google, for instance, automatically moves up a web-site with responsive design in a search page, which is of course very important for entrepreneurs who find their customers online.